Limited edition prints available.

Limited Edition Photographic Prints

Photography is made to be print, and nothing beats a good old-fashioned photographic prints: that’s why I have decided to make available worldwide all my travel photographs.

You can browse for your favorite photography in the Travel Blog or in my Portfolio.

All prints are in a limited edition number: this means that every and each photo that I print has a number on it, and it is only on a limited edition. I chose so for giving an authorial value to my work, and give also to you this value.

Each photography is unique, it has been taken by me and I was really in that place, taking back that unique story that the image will tell you.

All prints are printed on a photographic paper FUJI LUSTRE: photographic paper is a paper coated with a light-sensitive chemical formula, which grants an higher quality than any “printed” paper.

Standard sizes are two: 60 cm x 40 cm (23.62 inches x 15.75 inches) and 90 cm x 60 cm (35.43 inches x 23.62 inches), but bigger sizes are available on request

Each print comes autographed by hand, and rolled in a tube (it is therefore unframed): the process is hand made, I want to give a personal touch to my prints, so it takes 2-3 weeks from the order. Shipping is available worldwide.

Payment can be done via PayPal or wired transfer.

Price of each prints depends on the photograph chosen (if it has been published or it has won an award), size and edition.



Most aerial photographs come in an edition of 30, and prices starts from 130 euros: following some examples.


Aerial Photography Mary in the Blue The Jungle Beach
Limited Edition of 30

Size and price:

60cm x 40cm at 150€ + shipping

90cm x 60cm at 180€ + shipping

Costa Rica From Above Colors of nature Enrico Pescantini
Limited Edition of 30

Size and price:

60cm x 33cm at 130€ + shipping

90cm x 50cm at 150€ + shipping

POP Visions - Life After Colors
Limited Edition of 30

Size and price:

60cm x 40cm at 130€ + shipping

90cm x 60cm at 150€ + shipping


If you are interested in a print, drop me a message with the photography that you like and the size requested, I will reply you with a quotation within 24 hours. Thank you!